Inner World, Outer Escape

After the year it’s been – our juggling of priorities has led us to greater forms of self-care/study. When you join us in October you will be delved deep into a safe and refreshing environment where together we can build our repertoire of skills to not only manage our stresses but live-in fulfilment.

Looking after yourself is a systematic way of enhancing the life you live, when we retreat from the pull of life our observation is heightened and there, we uncover the bright and vital self. Here at Luxe, we have created the space for you to retreat.

Spend the day immersing yourself into different ways that heighten your senses, the rich smell of Essential Oils, the touch of healing Crystals, the powerful sounds of a Sound Bath experience, taste light nutritious food and juices and see how you yourself can discover your true YOU.

When October happens also it’s a change of season so it’s a poignant time to move inward and be ready to slow down and begin the process of reflection and contemplation.

It’s time to turn to your Inner World and find your Outer Escape.

Your day will include:

- Yoga & Meditation
- Breathwork & Coaching
- A Sound bath Experience
- Crystal Healing
- Essential Oil Workshop
- Reflexology (this will be an extra Cost for any one-to-one treatments they will have with Lou)


Food & Drinks:

‘Snack & GO’ – Ross is our LUXE Retreats inhouse Chef and he’ll be making quick snacks for you to grab and go or if you’d like a fuller lunch we’ll have salad bowls, small bites and filling juices available for you to buy when you’re feeling hungry.

‘Rockhill Brothers Coffee’ – a local Coffee bar that will be on site providing fresh hot drinks, fresh croissants and homemade cakes.

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and snacks to have throughout the day.

Event Info

Event Date & Time:
Saturday 2nd October 2021 | 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Event Location:
The Barn KT9, Rushett Farm, Leatherhead Rd, Chessington, KT9 2NH

Ticket Price:



Meet the Speakers



Jenni is a Mind and Wellbeing Coach, breath work teacher and founder of The Mindful Sul on a mission to help others. Helping people realise they can be the master of their mind, their life and their emotions and live life on their terms.


Meditation & Yoga

Georgie leans into the restorative elements of yoga and in its wellness. There’s times in our lives more often than not when we need this to counterbalance hectic lives, he intends to hold safe space, developmental space and thinking space to free up any overwhelm.


Crystal Healing

Sarah is the founder of ‘The Mother Healer’ providing Crystal and Reiki Healing. Sarah is a Crystal Master Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and Meditation Teacher with several years of experience, running workshops for both children and adults on Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meditation and Inner Goddess Work. Sarah has even written her own children’s Book linking them all.


Essential Oils

Rina suffered from burnout a few years ago as a result of the stress and overwhelm of practising as a criminal barrister. She discovered the power of using essential oils to improve her wellbeing and has never looked back! Rina set up her business, Dotty’s Oils, to teach others how to use essential oils and she now shares her knowledge and experience during her interactive and immersive workshops.



Lou specialises in reflexology, massage and facial treatments which can help with stress, insomnia, muscular tension and coping with hormonal imbalances. Her bespoke treatments support clients from pregnancy to menopause and for those purely seeking relaxation. You will have a deeply relaxing experience in her treatment bay leaving you feeling re-energised and restoring a sense of balance to your body and mind.